I believe with all my heart this is the season of Open Doors.  I have had three encounters with the Lord this year.  The Spirit of God said to me, “ANTHONY, YOU ARE UP NEXT.”  Every service I have attended with other speakers there has been a prophetic confirmation of this urgent time and/or calling to move forward.  I’ve been privileged to preach the Gospel for over 35 years.  A wide door of opportunity has come to me now at this time. And as you all know the doors to the nations are also open unto me. This new work will better able us to walk through that door. When I moved to Mobile we attempted to go on TV but the time was not right. The TBN station did not allow in-house filming at their studio and the studio closed earlier this year.

I am currently occupying a 1,000 square foot, five-room office space.  The vacated space next door has become available, and we have known it was ours and for us all the while.  We have FAVOR, FAVOR, FAVOR with the owner of this plaza and have been leasing our office and upstairs storage space for three and a half years for one-third of what it’s worth.  We currently operate here and pastor our staff of helpers called to this ministry.  We are adding an additional 2,700 square feet of multi-purpose space for expansion of the vision.  As you know, the Lord has called me to a television ministry and I did that for 14 plus years.  This renovation will allow me to step back into that part of my calling and to have a TV studio of my own. WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY! IT’S HAPPENING! This is why I am writing you for a one-time gift. Please ask the Lord if this is something you should sow into. We trust Him and what He says to you, and that’s all that’s required.     


The Chapel/Studio will serve multiple uses.


  • To house and minister to my congregation, staff and helpers;
  • To start a Healing School where people from all walks of life and denominations can come and hear and be healed and learn to minister healing to others while being strengthened in the faith;
  • To evangelize through media, live streaming, Facebook, YouTube, our website and television shows (local, regional, national and international).



Your Benefits for Investing:


  • You will have access to many of our services by way of livestream via FaceBook, YouTube, and/or our website. Many of you have not heard me preach in years.
  • You will be able to give and support our ministry more easily through Text to Give, online website donations, PayPal, or check by mail.
  • As a contributor you will be a part of the harvest of blessing that will come to the people we reach.


Thank you so kindly for whatever gift you send.  And I pray that the Lord through His Spirit will lead you, guide you and prosper you during this time of increase for our country.  Please always be faithful to the work of God in this time.  He is coming soon. Thank you.  Amen.





50 people who will give $100 =

$  5,000

25 people who will give $250 =

$  6,250

10 people who will give $500 =

$  5,000

  7 people who will give $1,000 =

$  7,000

  4 people who will give $2,500 =


  3 people who will give $5,000 =


  1 person who will give $10,000 =





Ways to Give:


  • Check by mail
  • Online giving via website or PayPal
  • Text to Give - any amount to (251) 250-1080


What is required:


Two (2) Cameras, Two (2) SD Cards

$  4,000

Two (2) Tripods, Two (2) Handlers


Two (2) Camera Bags


One (1) 3HD Computer Controlled Camera System


Cable and Gear


Lamps/Light Software




Sound Booth-Building/Wiring


Two (2) LED 60 or 70” Monitors / 1 rack


One (1) LED 50” Monitor / 1 rack


Audio technician microphone


Three (3) CD Duplicators ($497 each)


Two Dollies / Moving Dolly


Dry Wall / Paint




Additional Electrical




Needed to Reach Build-Out Budget