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We believe that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life! That there is no other way. We believe that we should love one another, in the same way that Jesus loved us, so that they will know that we are Christians.
John 13:35

Anthony Strawder Ministries

Anthony has ministered in churches, Bible Schools, seminars, prisons, detention centers, regional and international television and many of his own meetings. The ministry also ran a weekly TV show called “Hear and Be Healed” airing up to six times per week. Over the last 36 years he has ministered in various offices including 25 years of pastoring, 16 years of Bible School and traveling as a speaker. Many seasoned ministers recognize his prophetic anointing and apostolic mantle on his life.

In 2013 the ministry shifted into a new phase and is evolving to accomplish God’s plans in this new season. Below is a snap shot of Anthony’s work in the ministry for almost 40 years.

  • Anthony Strawder Ministries Begins Fall 1983
    Assistant Pastor Ministry of Helps 1983 -1984
    Bible Class/Sunday School Teacher Dec.1984 – Mar. 1985
    Pastor Bethel Mission Church March 1985 – Sept.1991
    1st Ordination April1986
    Itinerate Teacher September 1991 – 2000 (and currently)
    Married Patricia Sept. 1995 (Deceased Nov. 2013)
    ASM Incorporated April 1996
    Started Newsletter May 1996
    Moved to Monroe, LA August 1996
    Assistant Pastor August 1996 – Nov. 2000
    Liberty Bible Institute Teacher 1996 -1998
    TV Program 1997-1999; 2002-14
    Epignosis Bible School started September 1998-2014
    Epignosis Bible Church started October 8, 2000-2014
  • ULM Warhawk Assistant Chaplain 2007-2008
  • Healing School March 2006 -2008
    Joined ICFM 2009
  • Licensed and ordained with ICFM 2010
  • Enter Apostolic Ministry November 2012
  • Living Faith Bible Church started in Mobile,AL Sept. 2014
  • 1st Trip to Europe to film at TBN October 2014
  • Moved to Mobile December 2014
  • Opened Mobile office April 2015
  • 2nd Trip to Europe to film at TBN October 2015
  • Married Gwen Stephens Bell November 2015
  • 3rd Trip to Europe to film at TBN October 2016
  • Epignosis Broadcast began in UK November 2017
  • Building TV Studio/Chapel 2018-2019
  • TV Studio/Chapel completed March, 2019

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5:15 p.m.

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7:00 p.m. (Held Seasonally)


3988-B Government Boulevard
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