“Hear and Be Healed”

The “Hear and Be Healed” program has aired for over 14 years.  As Brother Strawder watched tele-evangelist he knew in his heart that he would one day also be on television.

The teaching and healing ministry of Jesus stood out to Brother Strawder more than anything else when reading the word of God.  The Holy Spirit instructed him to study every account of Healing wrought by Jesus in the four gospels.  He received further training from the late Kenneth E. Hagin, founder of Rhema Bible Training Center, through study of his books, listening to tapes and attending seminars.

Brother Strawder knew that he was to start a healing school.  The Lord spoke to him in 1991 and said, “I want you to go on television and teach faith and healing."  Initially ignoring this word, he held healing meetings in churches, hotels and convention centers.  Finally after further instruction from the Holy Spirit he heeded the call to strengthen those who believe and stir up the curiosity of those who do not believe.

“Hear and Be Healed” began airing in December of 1997 for two years.  In 1999 the program went off the air.  But the Holy Spirit once again convicted Bro. Strawder, and the show began airing again in March 2002.  The program has been on the air ever since.

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"Heirs together for the grace of life"

 November 14, 2015

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