The church is an extension of Anthony Strawder Ministries and falls under the mandate and motto “Teaching them to observe all things…” Matthew 28:20.  The church functions with 3 specific purposes:


  • To be a Church that exudes a classroom atmosphere where the Believer can grow in Grace and increase in the knowledge of God.  To be a place to worship God and learn to hear His voice and flow with the anointing.
  • To be a training center for the believer using seminars, the Bible school and the helps ministry to find grace and fulfill each individual calling and purpose.
  • To be headquarters for ASM housing all administrative operations in which a partnership of trained believers, paid staff and volunteers work together for the same purpose and call, fulfilling the mandate “Teaching them to observe all things…”


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"Heirs together for the grace of life"

 November 14, 2015

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