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Anthony Strawder began pastoring his first church, Bethel Mission Church, at 20 years old.  While visiting this church one Sunday morning, the pastor suddenly resigned and left.  The congregation asked Anthony if he would come back to do the Sunday night service.  He prayed about it and held his first service in March 1985.  He continued to serve them week after week, and they asked him to stay on permanently as their pastor.  He became the first black pastor in the history of an all-white congregation in that small town and parish.  He served there for 6.5 years until September 1991 at which time he answered the call of God to travel and minister as a teacher.  After nine years of speaking in churches, seminars, Bible schools, television and holding his own meetings, he felt the call of God to establish another local church and headquarters.

Epignosis Bible Church was established 4 months after the first Bible school graduation.  Students were looking for a place to continue in the same anointing and atmosphere of faith. After a season of prayer, Bro. Strawder began the fresh work he felt the Lord had put on his heart, and held the first church service on Sunday, October 8, 2000.

The congregation moved to 5 locations in five years.  These locations included 2 hotels before purchasing the current location at 645 Highway 80 East in Monroe, LA.  Bro. Strawder now has over 30 years of full time ministry work.

Epignosis Bible Church has had over 1,000 visitors of various religions, cultures and backgrounds who have witnessed Bro. Strawder's pastoral heart as he teaches with an evangelistic zeal combined with the prophetic and apostolic anointing. 


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"Heirs together for the grace of life"

 November 14, 2015

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